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Springdale, Arkansas Visitation Guidelines


Springdale, Arkansas Visitation Guidelines

The following applies ONLY to our Springdale, Arkansas, community. All other communities are following set regulations specific to the area. We will update when changes are made.

General Requirements for Visitation:

Visitation will begin Tuesday, August 4

  • Visitors must participate in and pass the facility's screening process prior to each scheduled visit. 
  • The facility screen process includes a screening questionnaire, which will record the identity of the resident visited, date, name, address, and phone number of the visitor and maintain these records so that they can be made available upon request by the Department of Health and the Office of Long-term Care. The questionnaire will also include a declaration regarding signs and symptoms of infection, contact and/or exposure to known COVID-19 positive persons, and any prior testing for COVID-19, as well as a statement that the visitor will inform the facility immediately if they develop symptoms within 72 hours of visiting or test positive for COVID-19 after visiting. 
  • Visitors must not have signs or symptoms of COVID-19 for at least 3 days. If any visitor previously tested positive for COVID-19, they must not visit within 14 days of a positive test.
  • Visitors must wear a mask at all times. If a visitor is seen not properly wearing face mask during during a visit, visitation privileges will be suspended until the next phase of opening.
  • Upon entering and exiting facility, visitors must practice appropriate hand hygiene by washing hands with soap and water or using provided alcohol-based hand sanitizers.  
  • Eating is not allowed in visitation areas.
  • Visitors must call the facility in advance to reserve one of the designated appointment slots.
  • Visitation will only be allowed by appointment during visiting hours, Tuesday-Friday 9:00am-11:30pm & 1:00pm-4:00pm
  • Appointments will be scheduled in 30 minute segments with enough time to sanitize the area before the next appointment. The visitation space will be cleaned with approved products between every visit. 
  • Visitation will be limited to two visitors per one resident at a time. 
  • All visits will take place in the library. Seating will be arranged to allow visitors and residents to maintain proper social distancing of six feet apart. 
  • Visitors must remain in their vehicle until the visitation time scheduled. After entering the facility, visitors must stay in designated visitation locations. Visitors are not permitted to go into resident rooms without express permission granted prior to appointment time. 
  • Adequate staff must be present to monitor visitation, sanitizing area between visits, and aiding resident in getting to and from the visitation areas. 
  • Appointment times will be staggered throughout the day to accommodate space and appropriately limit the overall number of visitors in the building. 
  • Visitation is restricted to those 12 years of age and older. Visitors with children must be able to manage them, and children must be able to wear a face mask during the entire visitation. 
  • Visitors may provide care packages including, but not limited to food and beverage items, but those items cannot be consumed during the visitation time. There can be no eating in any of the visitation areas.
  • Facility staff will monitor visits carefully to ensure masks are worn and policies are followed. 
  • All visits must be scheduled in advance by calling 479-750-3357
  • We will open for visitation Tuesday, August 4th. 
  • All guidelines are subject to change


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